Ouch! Belly flops impress judges in Jimmy Kimmel's annual competition

Jose, a random person off the street, participates in 10th annual pedestrian belly flop competition with ''Jimmy Kimmel Live.'' (Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

Once again, Jimmy Kimmel pulled unsuspecting pedestrians off the streets, gave them bathing suits, and asked them to show off their best belly flop.

This year's judges were Olympian Lolo Jones, TV/fashion personality EJ Johnson and Kimmel's own Aunt Chippy.

The competition was fierce, with judges commenting about how the contestants were committing to it by falling completely flat and showing their backsides.

When it came down to the scores, though, Aunt Chippy was not happy about getting soaked. The contestant who spared Aunt Chippy, Haley from Ottawa, Canada, was the only one with a perfect score. She was crowned this year's top flopper.
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