Times Square World Aids Day concert goes on as planned without Bono in Times Square

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Fans were loving it in Times Square Monday night as Kanye West and other top-shelf stars turned out for a World AIDS Day concert.

The show was announced on social media and fan blogs Monday afternoon, but by 7:30 p.m., Times Square was packed, and Kanye fans were dancing in the rain.

One fan said they just randomly found out about the concert and decided to go.

The whole event was a kind of thank you note to America for the nation's contribution to battling AIDS here and abroad. Some of those involved in that battle were at the show, and it seemed to unfold at the speed of light.

A group of women, all tourists, were visiting Times Square when one got a text message from her husband back in Australia.

At the heart of the show was New Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen, who performed with the band U2, because Bono was hurt in a biking accident in Central Park recently. Springsteen made a pretty decent front man...and he had plenty of help.
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