Glam Lab wins the Oscar with this GOLD face mask from The Route

ByJohanna Trupp & Emily Sowa Localish logo
Friday, February 7, 2020
Win an Oscar with this GOLD face mask
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Win an Oscar with this GOLD face mask!

NEW YORK CITY -- Glam Lab wins the OSCAR GOLD face mask!

Just because we're not celebrities walking the red carpet doesn't mean we don't deserve to treat ourselves to some high glam at home!

We checked out a face mask that covers your face in gold... and it's supposed to reveal GLOWING results.

It's from The Route, a new luxury, yet affordable skincare line made with fabulous ingredients like real gold, chardonnay, and diamond powder.

Oh, and what's even better?

This stuff is clinically proven to boost your mood. We're not kidding! So, it's really helpful if you're wishing you were in Hollywood right now... or if you lose your Oscars pool!

If you haven't seen someone's face covered in gold on your social feed yet, you're bound to. So, in honor of the Oscars, we thought it was appropriate to try before you buy!

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Don't miss the Oscars live on Sunday, Feb. 9, on ABC. Coverage begins at 4:30 ET | 3:30 CT | 1:30 PT on this ABC station.