Brothers recreate childhood photos in touching gift for mom

Three brothers looking to come up with a special gift for their mom came up with the perfect sentimental idea -- a calendar of photos with the adult men recreating pics from their childhood.

Matt MacMillan and his brothers squeezed into a bathtub, cuddled and dressed in their old Halloween costumes to recreate the photos. The images of brothers went viral after MacMillan posted them to Imgur and Reddit.

"We think it's odd that 2 million people have seen the three of us in a bathtub as fully grown men," MacMillan told ABC News via email.

The trio scoured thrift stores to replicate the outfits they wore as kids and took dozens of photos to perfectly capture their youthful expressions.

Their mom loved the result.

"She couldn't stop laughing, and then the laughing turned to laugh-crying," MacMillan told ABC News.
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