Connecticut father facing deportation ordered to leave US by Tuesday

MERIDEN, Connecticut (WABC) -- A Connecticut family may be spending their last weekend together in the United States, as the father faces deportation next week.

Marco Reyes of Meriden and his wife came to the US from Ecuador in 1997 with their two small children.

They have been living there ever since, but caught the attention of immigration officials when they accidentally crossed the Canadian border in 2007.

Since then, Marco says he has checked in every six months as instructed.

But when he met with ICE officials in July he was told he would have to leave the US by August 8.

"I am a good person because I want to stay here for my children, for my wife," Reyes said.

"This is very sad, having to see my dad face this, and still live through all of his life. Go to work, come back home. Support his family, us you know? I don't know where I would be without him," said his son Anthony.

The family's attorney has filed a motion to appeal the decision. They are asking for an emergency stay and a hearing to review his asylum case.
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