Women sumo wrestlers fight to get in the ring

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Sumo wrestling's new warriors are female
These women are fighting to become sumo wrestlers.Sumo wrestling has historically been an all-male sport. Now, these women are breaking down barriers and getting in the ring.

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Sumo wrestling has historically been an all-male sport, but these women are getting in the ring.

"I've practiced with men that are about 180 pounds on the light side and then about 300, 350 pounds towards the-- the heavy side." says sumo wrestler Janelle Hamilton.

She continues, "Anyone can beat anyone. That's the great thing about this sport. It's all about agility, learning balance, learning how to throw someone off in the techniques. You always have the opportunity to win, no matter what your size, which is the great thing about it."

Traditionally, throughout the history of sumo, it's the men that compete. But internationally, more and more women competing.

To those that feel like athletes like Janelle are diluting the sport, she says, "It's the sport that brings us all together, no matter how far or different our cultures are. We're bringing awareness to the sport. And you can't have that unless you're willing to be outside of Japan, expand the sport of sumo, come together for sport, and be open-minded to what everyone has to offer to the sport."

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