Mother-daughter firefighter duo in Washington state hopes to blaze trail for women

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Monday, August 15, 2022
Mother-daughter firefighter duo hopes to blaze trail for women
Captain Bonnie Rogers became her department's first female firefighter in 2010. Now her daughter Katie Benitz is following in her footsteps.

WASHINGTON STATE -- A mother-daughter duo doesn't just share the same profession and passion, they're also hoping to blaze a trail for young girls everywhere.

Katie Benitz says she always wanted to be just like her mom.

"She's always been my biggest idol," Benitz said. "I've always looked up to her and been like yea I want to be like her."

Captain Bonnie Rogers became the first female firefighter in her department in Washington State in 2010.

After high school graduation last year, Katie went straight into firefighting training.

"Just because it was right for me I didn't know if it would be right for her," Rogers said. "But it absolutely is. She just glows when she talks about fire and EMS."

Earlier this month, when a wildfire broke out both mother and daughter were called to duty.

The two briefly stopped to take a picture to mark the occasion.

They hope to inspire other young girls to get into firefighting.