Family restaurant brings authentic Greek food to Queens

Friday, November 15, 2019
Amylos Taverna brings authentic Greek food to Queens
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A family restaurant brings delicious, authentic Greek food to the heart of Astoria.

ASTORIA, Queens -- Amylos Taverna is a family restaurant in the heart of Astoria and they're serving up delicious dishes straight from Greece.

"We are something traditional, we are something coming from an ancient people, we are history," said John Arvanitis Jr.

The Arvanitis Family has been in the area for over 30 years and wanted to bring their culture and food to the streets of New York.

"So I said, let's do a twist but keep the authentic Greek flavors from Greece in our dishes," said owner, Martha Arvanitis.

From a delicious Sushi Grade Octopus dish to a juicy Lamb Burger drenched in a melted Feta sauce, Amylos Taverna has something for everyone's tastebuds.

Although their dishes are mouthwatering, the main ingredient that keeps this restaurant open is family.

"Family is what we're about, family is what we cherish. So, I think Amylos is a place to find yourself and to find your family. It's a place about discovery," said John.

Head out to Astoria, grab a seat, and dig into a traditional Greek dish. Who knows, you might leave an honorary member of this passionate family!

"We would love to have you come visit and try our food," said Martha.

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