New Frost Factory offers cool treat with fewer calories than ice cream

Love ice cream, but not the calories? Now there's an alternative for you.
New York Frost Factory in Greenwich Village is offering up "authentic Taiwanese snow ice."

**Click on video above to see the colorful creations**

James Wong, the owner of New York Frost Factory says it may be a new taste for some people, but it's a common treat in Taiwan. Wong actually traveled to Taiwan to learn how to properly prepare and make the cold treat. He also imported all the equipment from Taiwan to make it as authentic as possible.

Wong also says that unlike ice cream which is cream based, shaved snow ice is water based, making it a healthier option, with fewer calories.

The shaved ice comes in 11 different flavors, including mango, passion fruit, coconut, and matcha. For those not as adventurous, there's strawberry and chocolate and toppings of your choice.

An order of the frozen treat starts at $5.75 with an additional $0.50 for each topping.

Customers we talked to loved it, calling it "good" and "light."

New York Frost Factory is located on 106 MacDougal in Greenwich Village.
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