Drop everything and watch this Utah mom make mesmerizing Disney-inspired cakes

Here's the latest internet sensation that you won't be able to stop watching once you start: a Utah mom's mesmerizing time-lapse videos, taken as she masterfully decorates a series of Disney-inspired cakes.

Amy Droubay, who goes by @neuroticmom on Instagram, recently decorated the intricate cakes in the days leading up to a family trip to Disneyland, and her videos of the series have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

The series included a blue cake inspired by Cinderella's dress, Droubay's take on the Queen of Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland," a "101 Dalmations" cake decorated with -- you guessed it -- 101 pawprints, a Goofy cake with the character's signature green hat and even a vintage Mickey-inspired cake.

"My family and I are huge fans of Disney and Disneyland and we travel there several times a year. We even buy annual passes even though we live out of state, so I thought it would be fun as a countdown to our big trip to post some Disney cakes," Droubay told ABC via email.

But the craziest part of her journey is that she's only been decorating cakes for six months.

"A friend had an opening in a beginners cake class and I thought that sounded fun. I took the three-hour class and I was hooked!" Droubay said. "I came home and bought a few necessary tools and started making cakes and experimenting with different designs."

Droubay soon began making time-lapse videos for Instagram, which proved popular and garnered a positive response.

"I wanted to try some different techniques and new ideas so I kept making cakes and posting videos and then my family would just eat them, or I would give them away to neighbors," she added.

Including baking, cooling and decorating, a single cake can take as many as 14 hours to make. Her Mickey-inspired cake took 12 hours including the baking, cooling and actual decorating. But for Droubay, a ballet instructor and avid tennis player, the cakes are worth the time they take.

"My time for cake baking is limited, although I absolutely love it and try to do it as much as possible," she said.

Droubay is also looking to use her passion for cake decorating to make a difference. Throughout the month of March, she'll be auctioning off her cakes and donating proceeds to support multiple sclerosis research in honor of her husband, who was diagnosed with the disease several years ago.

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