Talk about speed dating! Gorgeous Ford Mustang stunt driver pranks men on blind date

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Online dating not working for you? Then you need to try Ford Mustang speed dating.
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Is Tinder getting a bit slow for you? Then you need to try Ford Mustang speed dating.

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In the hilarious advertisement uploaded to Ford's YouTube channel seen above, a gorgeous professional stunt driver meets with several unsuspecting men on a blind date. The driver talks with the men for a while about standard first date topics, and after enough time passes, they leave and enter her bright red Ford Mustang sitting outside.

Some of the dates are in awe of the driver's Mustang, while others are slightly condescending.

"Do you want me to drive it?" one date asks.

"Let me drive it, I'll show you what this can do," another beckons.

But when the blonde bombshell driver pulls the car into an empty lot, that's when the date is finally kicked into turbo. The driver expertly speeds and whips the Mustang, with her dates' mouths open in disbelief. Check out the funny video above.