Rescued goat wears duck costume to calm anxiety

ANNANDALE, NJ -- Just a few years ago, Leanne was an event planner working in New York City, but she gave it up, moved out to the country, and fell in love with its farms - and eventually the goats that lived on them.

"I bought my first two baby goats and then two or three months later, I bought three more," she says.

Soon love, turned into a passion.

Leanne started rescuing doomed goats from all over. Soon, she had 26 goats - all with some kind of disability or special need - at her home, in her sanctuary she calls "The Goats of Anarchy."

Leanne's little world already was popular on social media but then one day...along came Polly.

For some reason, Polly suffers from severe anxiety. She'll call out when she's nervous, even stand in the corner.

Leanne used to swaddle her, which helped, and one day she spotted a fuzzy duck costume, and put it on her. Within minutes, Polly's anxiety melted, and she fell asleep.

"And I thought that was the funniest thing," Leanne says, amazed.
Leanne posted a picture of it online, and Polly went viral. Suddenly, little shaky, scared Polly became a sign of strength.

"Everyday I get messages from people saying 'I'm battling depression' or 'I'm battling cancer' or I just lost a loved one and I look at your feed everyday and just seeing these little goats and if they can do it, I can do it'," Leanne said.

Leanne never dreamed this would be her life, but Polly putting on that little duck costume - and sure enough falling asleep in minutes - has dreams sweet enough for the both of them now.

Leanne has plans to expand her special needs goat sanctuary so she can help save "hundreds of goats."

You donate to "The Goats of Anarchy" here.
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