Governor Christie meets with students at one of the top New Jersey charter schools

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Monday, May 16, 2016
NJ charter school among top in the state
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Toni Yates has the latest details.

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WABC) -- Charter schools are growing rapidly in New Jersey, and one charter school is among the top in the state. Governor Chris Christie is meeting with students at the Thomas Edison Energy Smart School, a school where robots and high-tech are part of the everyday curriculum.

The 6th and 7th graders showed Governor Christie the robots they built. One was even on the International Space Station.

What you hear from the kindergarteners through 7th graders at the charter school is excitement.

"They teach us nice things, and the teachers are very nice," said one student.

Another student says she likes the experiences they get at the school, like Model UN and Band.

Governor Christie is commending the school that ranks third out of ten in the state for high math and science test scores.

"Every child has extraordinary God-given potential. It is our job to maximize that God-given potential. When we settle for traditional public schools, we settle for less for families. To me, that's immoral," said Governor Christie.

The kids show off trophies and awards in all of the classes - the work is very hands-on.

In less than six years, the school has already outgrown its humble beginnings. This September, the school will move to a new location - a much larger facility just a few miles away, ready to take on dozens more students.

"These kid are moved in a family-oriented kind of facility, because everyone is very close. Being that it is smaller, we get to engage a little more," says parent Takesha Smith-Henry.