New services offer unlimited hair blowouts for one fee

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Women know the cost of getting your hair blown out can add up. But new services offer a flat rate for all the blowouts you want.

And even if it isn't something that suits your hair, it could be a great holiday gift idea.

Kate Duff has a thing for getting hair blown out.

"There's nothing like getting a professional blowout, it just gives it a totally different finish and it lasts a lot longer," she said. "It doesn't matter how good you are at doing it yourself, a professional does it better."

But multiple blowouts at $50, 60 a week can be cost-prohibitive, which is where Vive comes in.

Its lifestyle membership gives you unlimited blowouts for $175 a month.

"It's really unlimited blowouts within our network of salons," said Alanna Gregory, who left her Wall Street job to launch Vive.

Just pick a day and a time, and Vive finds one of its 165 partner salons nearby in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

For the salons, like Scott J., Vive works because it brings in new customers.

"They do the legwork and reach out and bring the customer base to me, and then my team has a chance to keep the customer within Scott J.," said Scott J. Buchanan.

And women apparently like the unlimited option too. "We do have a portion of our members who probably get 10, 11, 12 blowouts per month," said Gregory.

Glam & Go is another blowout based company, and its blowouts are offered at Glam & Go locations, at gyms, hotels and residential towers, and it also offers membership options.

"Our signature membership is $150, and you can mix and match between full wash and blow services and express styles," said Erika Wasser of Glam & Go, who says the signature package with unlimited blowouts and touchups allows fabulous hair to become a lifestyle.

"We see a lot of women come Monday for a full blowout, Wednesday for a touchup, Friday again for another full blowout and you really are able to have great hair every single day for $150," she said.

Whichever company you opt for, the results are picture perfect.

For more information, visit Vive and Glam & Go.
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