Choking scare caught on camera; mom wants parents to take CPR classes

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Diana Williams has the latest details.

A choking scare for one mom in Texas now has her on a mission.

Jennifer Hull wants more parents to take classes in child CPR.

She learned firsthand just how important those classes can be.

Hatilynn is almost 4 and Hollis is almost 2.

There are are plenty of toys and a nanny cam, which was working when Jennifer gave Hollis some veggie chips.

"This was not something I was even alarmed at giving her," Jennifer said.

Soon after, the camera shows Hollis running and turning blue. She was choking on a chip.

"I flipped her over and gave her some back blows and nothing happened, so I did the Heimlich, and right when I did it popped out!" Jennifer said. "She was eating, and then she choked."

Even big sister Hatilynn jumped into action.

"I got her water," Hatilynn said.

Food accounts for half of all chocking incidents involving children.

Jennifer says the infant safety classes she took before her children were born made all the difference.

"I mean, we sat in these classes before we had kiddos and they were teaching us exactly what to do in these moments," Jennifer said.

She shared her nanny cam video with friends as a reminder that those courses are worth it.

She hopes those who see it will sign up too, because you never know.

"I just remembered how scared I really was, like 'What just happened?' I'm just thankful that it went the way it went," Jennifer said.

Here are some of the foods to keep away from children under the age of 4, but veggie chips aren't listed as a dangerous food. Anything big or chunky could be a hazard like:
- Hot dogs
- Nuts and seeds
- Whole grapes
- Popcorn
- Chewing gum
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