Shorter workouts part of the health and fitness trends for 2015

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Lauren Glassberg takes a look at some new workout trends. (WABC)

If being healthier or working out more are among your resolutions for the New Year, then you'll want to know about the health and fitness trends we can anticipate for 2015.

One of those trends is sure to put a smile on your face: it has to do with the length of time you spend working out. And if you're looking for some changes in the kind of workout you do, there are some new classes on the horizon.

When it comes to working out in 2015, expect to do a lot of running on a treadmill, but in a whole new way, according to the founders of Well and Good.

"We used to think of treadmills as something we do at the gym, you stick in your headphones and try to do your 20 minutes of cardio. It's totally changed, now we're seeing treadmills used as spin bikes," said Alexia Brue of Well and Good.

So jump on a treadmill in a group class, like those offered at Mile High Running Club. Great music, charismatic instructors, even mood lighting. This class is capped off with some weight-lifting rounding out the workout.

You'll love the next trend: shorter workouts.

"Shorter workouts are music to a lot of people's ears. There have been a lot of studies that have come out in the past year or two that really support the science behind working out intensely for 20-30 minutes, and that science is informing workout methods," said Alexia.

So work hard for as little as 15 minutes and you'll do yourself some good.

Another way to do yourself good is by being still and meditating, something that's getting a big celebrity push.

"Arianna Huffington to Kobe Bryant to Russell Simmons to Russell Brand, all embracing meditation and talking about it very publicly," said Melisse Gelula of Well and Good.

Focusing in helps relieve stress and boosts productivity.

Finally, consider downing a drink infused with charcoal.

"It's activated charcoal. It doesn't come from your barbecue, it's a known detoxifier," said Alexia.

Activated charcoal is an antidote to many poisons. It can also help with inflamed skin. And now, a little in your juice, like some of those sold at Juice Generation, can help you get healthy.

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