Surf's up in New York! How you can learn to surf

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Surf's up in New York! While the area is known for its Broadway shows and famous landmarks, it also has 100 miles of coastline with plenty of waves to ride.

If you head out on Long Island and you'll find plenty of surf schools.

Brody Lucas has one of the best big wave surfers in the world showing him how to do it.

"I love it when someone says I've been living in New York City 30 years and I had no idea I could learn how to surf," said Will Skudin, a surfer.

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Amy Freeze has more.

After all, it was on Long Beach where Skudin first learned before he made a sport of chasing 50 foot swells around the world.

But when he's home, it's on New York waves where he and his brother, Cliff, run the family surf school.

Skudin Surf is not new to our beaches; the tradition of teaching surfing goes all the way back to their grandparents.

"Surfing has been in generations of my family, it's in our blood," Cliff said.
On a busy summer day, they have a staff of 90 working along New York's 100 miles of coastline.

From 4 to 104 they teach anyone to get on a board, paddle, paddle, paddle, and catch a wave.

And when conditions are right, facing the ocean never seemed so enticing.

Your very first wave, you might surprise yourself! It feels like you are flying on water.

For city slickers, it's an escape that you cannot get enough of, an experience deeper than just a thrill.

SURF FOR ALL is a non-profit teaching people who are physically challenged how to surf:
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Meteorologist Amy Freeze takes a look at New York-area surf schools.

In this web extra, surfer Will Skudin interviews Amy Freeze about her day at surf school:
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In this web extra, surfer Will Skudin interviews Amy Freeze about her day at surf school.

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