7 On Your Side: How to save on large appliances

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Memorial Day holiday sales will sneak in this weekend, dropping the price of household appliances to near Black Friday-level deals.

"You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars," said Deb Oberg, a third generation appliance retailer at Oberg & Lindquist. She says when it comes to fridges, washers, grills, ovens and all large appliances, the way to score a hot deal is simple - just ask.

"You absolutely want to ask what's the best way for me to get a deal," she said. "And don't be shy, because we don't want to lose you."

She says the first step to appliance savings is to call around and compare, and ask if there are any vendors promoting certain items. This month, Suite Deals is offer an appliance free if a customer buys three or more appliances at the same time.

"Many vendors, they give you tremendous rebates," she said. "Twelve, fourteen, fifteen hundred dollars."

Her next tip is to ask for floor models, open box items or ones that have been returned. It can slash up to 30 percent off the price tag.

"We can't get stuck with these," she said. "Floor space is everything in a retail. Every square foot you have to have things that move, and that's how you turn and give good prices "

Better prices can also come with cash.

"You can say, if I don't use a credit card, can you help me?" she said. "Because we don't necessary need cash. A check is fine, because we pay up to 3 percent on a credit card."

Non-profit Consumer Checkbook's executive editor Kevin Brasler says manufacturers set minimum prices retailers use to advertise, but what you may not know is you can get a lower price by calling or emailing.

For example, Checkbook found prices on a Samsung washer varied from $1,063 to just $685, a savings of nearly $400. Their 10-month study compared 26 items at 22 retailers. which included national chains and local mom and pops.

"You'll find there's must more price flexibility with the independents than the big chains," he said. "But even the big box stores, would you know, knock off the delivery fee."

Always ask if your complete package price includes delivery, installation and hauling away of your old appliance. And if not, ask.

"If you love a certain store, ask them," Oberg said. "And nine times out of 10, you'll be able to negotiate something."

The last tip from 7 On Your Side: You can save a lot on your new appliance if you purchase it from a retailer in a Urban Enterprise Zone. UEZs are set up to help businesses in urban communities thrive, and there are 30 such zones in New Jersey alone.

Retailers can charge the sales tax for big ticket appliances that can take hundreds of your total cost.

Here's a summary of the tips.

1. Don't assume the sale price is best price. Stores can't "advertise" or "publicize" prices below manufacturer guidelines. But store managers say they can and will offer lower prices over the phone or email.
2. Call around and ask for prices. Make sure to have the make and model number of the appliance you want..
3. On each call, tell the store manager: "I'm getting multiple bids and will purchase from lowest bidder."
4. Be friendly and polite -- nice people get better deals.
5. Floor models, open box and return items will save you big bucks.
6. Always ask, "Can I have free or discounted delivery and installation?" and "Will you haul away my old appliance?"

Happy shopping!

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