Homeless men caught in bank holdups case

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Thursday, September 17, 2015
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MANHATTAN (WABC) -- Three homeless men who know each other were charged with a total of 10 recent Manhattan bank holdups.

The men met each other at a homeless shelter and a nearby methadone clinic in Harlem. They were loosely working together in a case cracked by the NYPD's Major Case Squad.

One man, 42-year-old Michael Sancinella, was charged with robbing one bank and attempting to rob five others last Thursday and Friday. He got $1,000 in his only successful robbery attempt, using a bicycle for some of his getaways.

The other, 41-year-old Derrick Olmo, hit two banks last week and another the week before, making off with $4,842.

The scheme fell apart when a third man, 41 year old Anthony Flynn, attempted to rob an Apple Bank at 10 Downing Street in Soho yesterday afternoon but was caught. Both Sancinella and Olmo were found nearby and all three incriminated each other.

They are all charged with robbery.