Phrases to avoid during job interviews

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Thursday, May 2, 2019
Interview phrases to avoid
There are actually some phrases you should avoid during your next interview.

The summer hiring season is here and to get the job, there are actually some phrases you should avoid during your next interview.

Here are some simple phrases to avoid to make sure you land the job:

"I'm an overachiever." Being labeled an overachiever means that people underestimated you. If you overachieve, that means you did more than people thought you could, then the question is, why did people think you were limited in your abilities?

"I gave 150 percent." It's not possible to give more than 100% of yourself. When candidates say this it makes them sound disingenuous. It signals to hiring managers that you'll probably end up over-promising and under-delivering.

"I really love this company." Have you done more to research the company than just what was available online? People don't apply to companies they don't like, so this is stating the obvious and you need to show that you've done the research and talked to people to get a real understanding of the company.

"I'm hard working. I'm a team player. I'm committed." Are you really willing to outwork and out-produce anyone else? Will you put in extra hours to grow faster than your peers? That's what saying this means, so if you're not willing to do that don't say it. If you lie about what you're willing to do in a job interview, it usually catches up to you.

"I'm extremely detail oriented." If you say this, you have to have concrete evidence of this. No typos in your resume, and proof of projects and deliverables where your attention to detail was important. You have to prove your attention to detail.

"I feel like this is a place I can learn and grow." When interviewing, it's not about what the company can do for you, it's about what you will bring to the company. Hiring managers don't want to hear how you'll benefit, talk about the skills you'll bring and impact you can have towards the company's growth.

Now go out and get your new job!