KaBoom!, Disney community building playground in the Bronx

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Thursday, October 5, 2017
KaBoom!, Disney community building playground in the Bronx
Lauren Glassberg has the story of a new playground being built in the Bronx.

EASTCHESTER, Bronx (WABC) -- Hundreds of volunteers teamed up with our parent company Disney to build a new playground for preschoolers in the Bronx.

On Thursday, more than 200 volunteers from Astor Services for Children and Families and Disney joined organizers from KaBOOM! and residents of the Bronx community.

The KaBOOM! build took place at Astor's Lawrence F. Hickey Center for Child Development on Dyre Avenue in Eastchester.

The playground's design is based on the kids' drawings from a special Design Day event in August.

Lauren Glassberg reports on the volunteer event sponsored by KaBoom! and Disney

Nearly 85 such playgrounds have been built by the Disney volunteers.

Since 1996, KaBOOM! has been dedicated to the goal of giving all kids the childhood they deserve.