Saving Our Cinderellas: Keke Palmer teams up with Saving Our Daughters to empower girls

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019
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Darla Miles has the story of an anti-bullying message for the non-profit organization Saving Our Cinderellas.

HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- The star of a Netflix series about a child with super powers is using his notoriety to tackle a different villain -- bullying.

Eight-year-old actor Ja'Siah Young, from the Netflix hit "Raising Dion," traveled to the Boys and Girls Club in Harlem to spread an anti-bullying message for the non-profit organization Saving Our Cinderellas, co-founded by ABC's own Keke Palmer.

"After I did 'Cinderella' on Broadway, I created Saving Our Cinderellas, which was a way to bring young women to see their first Broadway show," Palmer said.

But on this day, it was all about Young and his message.

"It's not right to be bullied," he said. "Everyone should have a chance to not be bullied and live their life."

Palmer partnered with her favorite non-profit, Saving Our Daughters, to create the celebrity mentor program that enlists the help of big names to inspire young at-risk girls.

"The more real you are to them, the more accessible what you do becomes," Palmer said.

And it looks like this approach is working.

"One thing I learned was, like, probably that you have to work and get good grades in class to be an actor," 8-year-old student Kalyn Robles said.

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