'Miracle baby' on Long Island makes amazing recovery from near-drowning

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Thursday, September 18, 2014
Child makes remarkable recovery after near-drowning
Stacey Sager has the story.

SAYVILLE, N.Y. (WABC) -- In an Eyewitness News exclusive, we're getting a look at the remarkable recovery of an 18-month old girl who nearly drowned in a backyard pool on Long Island.

Lainey Metz, 18 months, was left unable to walk or talk as she had before the frightening accident.

Following the July 22 incident in a backyard in-ground pool in Sayville, Lainey was administered CPR by police within 90 seconds of the 911 call.

She was taken to Stony Brook Hospital for treatment over the next two weeks, then was admitted to Good Samaritan's rehabilitation center in West Islip.

They say big miracles come in small places, and little Lainey Metz certainly proves it.

It was only 7 and a half weeks ago that Lainey was fighting for her life after she nearly drowned at a caregiver's home.

"I was at work and I got a phone call that there was an accident and Lainey had fallen into the pool," said her mother Desiree Metz.

Lainey had no pulse after being under water for several minutes, but Suffolk County cops and ambulance workers arrived in just 2 minutes and saved her life.

Still: "The neurologist and everyone tried to prepare us that, we don't really know what the next few days are gonna bring," Desiree said.

The struggle to regain fine motor skills, balance, and language, that would be Lainey's.

Lainey's accident was the ultimate reminder of what can happen if you look away from a child this age for just a moment, but there's another lesson here.

The power of being proactive. Lainey's family got her the physical and occupational therapy she needed, through Good Samaritan Hospital, immediately.

"She has such a wonderful spirit and fight in her. I think that's what really helped with her progress," said Good Samaritan occupational therapist Susan Takacs.

Not to mention all the positive vibes, the moment Lainey awoke from a coma.

"And she smiled at me and from that moment on she was more alert," Desiree said.

Lainey's recovery here will continue for a few more weeks, but her resilience? That's something she's likely to have the rest of her long life.