Got the travel itch? New Lay's chip flavors take lucky winners around the world

With so many people feeling cooped up due to restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, potato chip maker Lay's has developed four new internationally-inspired flavors to satisfy both food and travel cravings alike.

The limited-edition "Taste of..." series features flavors from three different continents.

There's the Tzatziki flavor, based on the classic yogurt and cucumber sauce from Greece, Lime and Sea Salt, inspired by the beaches of Mexico, Beer and Brats, putting together two of Germany's favorites, and the Thai Basil Chili, based on the sweet and sour dishes of Thailand.

The new flavors won't be sold in stores.

Anyone wishing to taste one of the new flavors will have to reply to one of the company's social media posts and tell them which country you'd like to visit.

A bag from the country they choose will be shipped to the lucky winners.
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