Lee Goldberg takes you behind the scenes to show you what it takes to put on the AccuWeather forecasts

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Go behind the scenes with Lee Goldberg as he shows you how he puts his Accuweather forecasts together.

UPPER WEST SIDE, New York (WABC) -- Meteorologist Lee Goldberg is taking you on a very special tour. You're going behind the scenes to see how Lee puts his AccuWeather forecasts together.

**Click on video above to see Lee's typical day at work**

Lee gets to work about about 3.5 hours before his first newscast of the day.

Forecasting is the most important time of the day. The more prepared Lee is, the better his on air presentation will be.

He starts with the current conditions, temperature, humidity, wind, barometric pressure, satellite and radar.

Lee says it's important to know where you are to know where you are going.

Next it's looking a computer models. Using a lot of math and physics, these computer programs simulate what atmosphere might look like tomorrow, the next day, next week, and even next month.

No one model is right. It's up to the meteorologist to decide what the most likely solution is based on his or her training and experience. It's a complex puzzle they put together every day. Lee says it's favorite part of the job.

Once the forecasting is complete, the meteorologists build graphics to tell the weather story. So you have to be an artist as well.

Weather graphics have become uber high tech. The computers allow you to be super creative.

Part of the day includes spending time in the make-up chair. The studio has a lot of lights and there are very high resolution televisions so make-up has an important role.

Now it's back to the studio. It's about a half hour till the newscast. Lee heads back over to the Eyewitness News Studio to put the finishing touches on the weathercast.

The facility is a state of the art street side studio on the corner of 66th and Columbus Avenue. You can watch our newscast from the sidewalk 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Most weekdays, a meteorologist from our weather team is delivering the weather outside.

In the final minutes before the show Lee gets mic'ed up, records weather for taxi cabs, tweaks his forecast with new model data, and posts weather information to abc7ny.

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, social media has become a critical part of our job description. It is great way for you to get weather info and interact with meteorologists all day long even while they're on the air.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.