The Mexican-inspired treats you must try in Magnolia Park

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Friday, October 27, 2023
The Mexican-inspired treats you must try in Magnolia Park
When Marlene Garza couldn't find her favorite snacks from Mexico, she opened her own shop serving her favorite sweet and savory treats.

HOUSTON, Texas -- At Magnolia's Ice Cream and More, you can find a variety of Mexican-inspired treats from mangonadas to elotes.

"Our popular items are ice cream and the crazy combination snow cones," Owner Marlene Garza said.

Garza opened the business in 2012 with her sister after they couldn't find their favorite snacks around town.

"We would love to go to Mexico with our parents, our favorite thing were the snacks there," Garza said. "It was things you couldn't get here in Texas."

The shop started small but as the years went by the menu expanded as the requests poured in.

"We had several customers coming in here asking, can you make this for us, I got this from Mexico, so we did," Garza said.

Garza was raised in Magnolia Park and has deep roots in the community. She opened the business across Tijerina Elementary, where she went to school and named the store after the neighborhood.

"Living here we didn't have this type of store where you can actually sit and enjoy your treat. I wanted to make sure that I had something to share with everybody else," Garza said. "I just love the community here and I love that they love us."

Magnolia's Ice Cream & More is located at 6421 Brady Street. They just opened a second location near Hobby Airport at 8000 Park Place Blvd.