Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson's new restaurant is welcomed addition to Newark

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- The vibe: easy, eclectic and signature Samuelsson.

Award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson just opened his newest restaurant in Newark, New Jersey. Marcus B&P is on Halsey Street.

The B stands for bar, the P for provisions. The name also draws on the Swedish concept of "back pocket" used to describe informal, friendly spots.

The farm-to-table menu is a mix of Samuelsson's background. He was born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden. The food also taps into Newark's rich history of African-American southern cooking, Italian dishes and Portuguese cuisine.

Neighboring shops say B&P is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood and is part of a larger revitalization effort going on in the city.

With this opening, Samuelsson says "We are addressing Newark's current need and preparing for what is coming."

Samuelsson is an international restaurateur with two hot spots, Red Rooster and Streetbird Rotisserie, located in Harlem.
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