declares June 27 the hottest day to date

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Were you feeling extra flirty today? Well, there might be a reason behind the way you are feeling. According to, one of the top online dating websites, June 27 seems to be the "hottest" day to date, and they aren't talking about temperature. A news release from says that this is the busiest day of the year for online dating. Even during the summer months, online dating activity dramatically increases.

Helen Fisher, Match's Chief Scientific Advisor, has some insight into what may be the madness behind this crazy, "hot" day.

"Sunlight gives people energy. This is because the pineal gland in the brain produces melatonin in the dark of winter, making people more sluggish and sleepy. But as the spring and then summer light increases, the pineal gland reduces its production of melatonin and begins to orchestrate the breeding/mating season in many species. It has a direct connection with the retina to pick up changes in the light, and also connects with the pituitary (to trigger gonadal/sexual development in many species) and the genitals," she said.

So could there be a possible scientific insight to this? We seem to think so.

"We humans don't have a mating season; we breed all year long. But increasing light does give us a sunny personality and more energy and optimism-all of which could increase our sexuality," she said.

And for your enjoyment, here at the top 10 flirtiest cities in the summer according to Did your city make the list?

1. Winston-Salem, NC

2. Stockton, CA

3. Raleigh, NC

4. Springfield, MA

5. Hartford, CT

6. Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

7. Santa Rosa, CA

8. Jacksonville, FL

9. Manchester, NH

10. Tucson, AZ