Pee wee football players stop mid-game to 'Whip' and 'Nae Nae'

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Thursday, October 8, 2015
Pee wee football players
(YouTube / Laure Farrell)
YouTube / Laure Farrell

MILFORD, MA -- It's not all blood, sweat and tears on the gridiron.

That was definitely apparent for one young football team in Milford, Mass., when Silento's song "Watch Me Whip" came on.

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Instead of focusing on the actual play on the field, the Mighty Mites did the "Whip" and "Nae Nae."

The scrimmage at halftime of a high school varsity game basically turned into a dance party.

The kids didn't seem to mind, but who knows if the coaching staff did.

ESPN contributed to this report.