'We love happy endings!' Miranda Lambert helps animals affected by Hurricane Harvey

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Friday, September 1, 2017
Miranda Lambert helps animals affected by Hurricane Harvey
Miranda Lambert is helping in the efforts to find new homes for pets who were in shelter before Hurricane Harvey, so the shelters have room for the pets rescued during the storm.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, shelters in Texas were suddenly faced with a crisis: They had to send the pets they had away to make room for all the pets who had been rescued from the storm.

The shelters' original occupants will have to go to other places around the country, and Miranda Lambert's organization is helping them find homes.

Volunteers from the MuttNation Foundation, including Lambert herself, drove down from Oklahoma to pick up animals from the City of Baytown Animal Services and elsewhere.

"Thank you for providing a safe haven for these sweet pups in a time of dire need and chaos," the city division wrote on Facebook. "We love happy endings!"

They picked up 21 from Baytown Animal Services, and MuttNation has been writing about many more on its Twitter page.