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Friday, February 10, 2017
Montel Williams debuting own brand of medical marijuana
Former daytime talk-show host Montel Williams is being honored for his advocacy of medical marijuana and planning to debut his own brand.

LOS ANGELES -- Montel Williams is one of the highest profile advocates for medical cannabis in the country. This week, the former daytime talk-show host is receiving a lifetime achievement award for his work on the issue.

Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than 17 years ago and says he initially turned to opioids to help ease his pain. He became addicted and had a "horrific battle" with the drugs that left him with damage he still feels today.

But, then he says, "I shifted over to cannabis and it made a difference in my life."

Now, he says, he's planning to debut his own brand of medical marijuana, introducing it Thursday night as he's given an award from the group Women Abuv Ground. The organization encourages women to get involved in the cannabis business.

Information about the Thursday night event to honor Williams is available here.

For more on Williams' discussion about his experience with cannabis, watch the video above.