Movie review: 'F9' speeds into theaters

NEW YORK (WABC) -- After losses totaling billions of dollars due to the pandemic, the movie business is looking to the latest "Fast & Furious" title to put them on the road to recovery. "F9" has grossed almost $300 million around the world, more than $200 million in China alone. So, now it's Vin Diesel & Co. to the rescue in North America!

The ninth movie in the series is as fast & furious as ever, after so many previous blockbusters in the series, where else is there to go except...outer space! That's where we find Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson headed near the end of this opus.

If they're gonna mix-it-up, I figured why not go in a different direction myself, so I recruited a filmmaker to give you some advice on "F9."

"Don't go in there and overcomplicate it," says Antwand Pearman. "We know that cars don't fly into space and stuff like that!" But, he's a fan, and he ranks this one high, "Fast 9 like every other 'Fast & Furious': it is just this over the top, crazy unbelievably ridiculous thing. And, I gotta be honest, I loved every minute of it."

As always, the plot takes a back seat to the action. Dom played by Diesel is forced out of retirement by his brother's actions. Bro has turned bad telling Dom, "You always say you never turn your back on family, but you turned your back on me."

He wants to threaten the whole world using a piece of hardware that comes in parts so Dom's crew has to prevent John Cena's character from assembling it.

This is mindless fun, and at this point, you should know if this is for you, says my friend Antwand, "You already know you are not there for realistic stuff. You're there for the ridiculous actions that's gonna happen."

I know "F9" is supposed to be a drama, but Antwand and I both laughed a lot. Seeing the picture in a theater with others was a reminder that moviegoing is an experience best done together. I was happy to be back looking at a really big screen again!
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