Boy behind 'Mr. Cory's Cookies' taking part in 'Harlem Eat Up'

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Monday, May 16, 2016
Boy behind 'Mr. Cory's Cookies' taking part in Harlem Eat Up
Lauren Glassberg has the story.

HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- When it comes to cookies, Cory Nieves' story is pretty sweet.

At age 5 he started baking to raise money for his mother to buy a car since they had moved from Harlem to Englewood, New Jersey. He's now days away from turning 12.

He's still a kid, but he's also has a brand called "Mr. Cory's Cookies".

"I got my mom a car, I'm already set for college, I got a scholarship, and I'm all set! My future's ready," Cory said.

He's not kidding! Ellen DeGeneres had him on her show and gave his mom a car, and now Mr. Cory's is a full time job for his mom, right down to stirring when his arm gets tired.

"She's the cookie mom, the COO, she's my mom, everything," Cory said.

And on Sunday, the day Mr. Cory turns 12, he'll be holding court at the Second Annual "Harlem Eat Up".

"I'm going to be speaking, there selling our cookies, teaching kids how to bake and be in the Kids Zone," Cory said.

For the event's co-founder Herb Karlitz, Mr. Cory is a natural fit among all those celebrity and local chefs participating.

"I've been promoting restaurants and chefs for more than 20 years from before there were celebrity chefs, and I was looking for new talent, and then here was this kid with just a great story to tell, grew up in Harlem, and he needed to be part of this," Karlitz said.

He's going back to the neighborhood where he was born and sharing his inspirational story and delicious cookies.

"Harlem Eat Up" runs from Thursday through Sunday. Some events require tickets while others are free, and it's a chance to experience that deliciousness that's happening in Harlem.