New Jersey Black Lives Matter mural filled with vibrancy, boldness and hope

EAST ORANGE, New Jersey -- The winds of time make a Black Lives Matter mural stand out in New Jersey.

The massive size and scope of the mural are filled with vibrancy, boldness, and hope.

A group of 16 local artists each painted one letter with acrylic, displayed their talent.

It was a grueling labor of love working on the ground for hours, bringing the 20,000-square foot message to life.

It was all worth the back-bending brush strokes to inspire others to stand up and speak out.

Cynthia Vaughn's work is based on the pigmentation of African Americans, which runs through many shades of brown, and people facing many human conditions.

The mural will be on public display starting Sunday, but it is already getting the attention of anyone who passes by.