Officers patrolling deadly Ramsey train crossing to save pedestrians

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Thursday, February 23, 2017
Warning about dangerous rail crossing in Ramsey
Toni Yates reports on a dangerous train crossing in New Jersey.

RAMSEY, New Jersey (WABC) -- One of the most infamous rail crossings in New Jersey is so dangerous that police officers are patrolling the area at key times during the day.

Three people have been killed at the Ramsey stop in the past 10 years, and authorities say the problem is not so much cars, but pedestrians who ignore the safety gates.

"I get nervous crossing in a car," Ramsey resident Tammy Ibrahim said. "I've never heard of so many deaths in one spot. Makes you wonder why."

The Federal Rail Administration named the Main Street-Ramsey train station one of the most dangerous in the state.

Last June, Tommy Ryan, who moved to close to the station for an easy commute to the city, was hit by a train that relatives say he didn't hear or see as he walked under the lowered gates. Huge warning signs are posting advising not to do that, but many people say they are not enough.

"I know they try with the warnings," resident Charlie Gass said. "It's a busy area."

New Jersey Transit said it posts officers at several stations around the state to keep people from crossing under the gates and to promote safety, reminding commuters to be more aware.

The problem is that there are two tracks, and if a train is stopped on one, you can't see what's happening on the other. Additionally, there are express trains that maintain speed without stopping at the station.

"It's flying, so if you don't see that train because the other one is stopped, that's probably what happens," one resident said.

Some say the area has outgrown the station, especially since the Ramsey Route 17 stop is available.

"It's just very dangerous," Mahwah resident Suzanne Kroeber said. "Not enough time for cars or people to cross."