Christie announces mandatory customer service training for MVC workers

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Thursday, April 28, 2016
Chris Christie announces customer service training for MVC workers
Anthony Johnson has the latest details.

TRENTON, New Jersey (WABC) -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday announced additional customer service training for New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) employees, with all employees at every level, including Chief Administrator Raymond Martinez, being immediately required to undergo thorough customer service training during the course of the next year.

"Providing outstanding customer service at the MVC and throughout state government has been a key component of my administration," Christie said. "While the MVC already has set the bar high for service, increased training can only make for a better experience for our residents."

Christie visited the South Plainfield MVC office last week to assist a 17-year-old in replacing a destroyed learner's permit.

Christie said the enhanced training will focus on customer service fundamentals, such as treating people as valued customers, proper phone etiquette and calling back customers within a reasonable amount of time - at most, within one business day. Additional targeted customer service training will be ongoing and conducted once per month with the MVC's front line staff.

Currently, customer service training courses are offered every two weeks, but are only mandated for new employees.

"The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is committed to providing excellent customer service," Martinez said. "We view each of our customer contacts as an opportunity to better serve the public and ensure that every New Jersey resident who visits one of our facilities has a pleasant and productive experience."

MVC handles approximately 24 million transactions per year in its agencies, over the phone and online.