The Rockettes go high tech in this year's Christmas Spectacular

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- Despite matching costumes and perfect lipstick and measured height, all Rockettes are individually quite unique, just like a snowflake which they celebrate in the Spectacular number "Snow." Now the entire performance has turned into a blizzard of technology.

"Such a surprise. (The drones) come out of the pit and circle the audience they fly right back down into the pit," Larry Sedwick, Senior VP of Productions, explained.

GPS-driven flakes using state of the art computers are now in flight to enhance the performance of "Snow."

"The trick is not to overpower the Rockettes with technology," Sedwick said.

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"Our arms go down and up and balls (and) snowflakes come flying out on the same time, really cool part. I have 3 kids and they love it," Rockette Nicole Baker said.

Flakes from every direction float thru the theatre - their movement as unique as the dancers themselves.

"The Rockettes don't have the same costume or color with the idea that we are all individuals just like snowflakes," Rockette Meilissa Hillmer said.

The display depends on aerodynamics inside Radio City Music Hall, which just like real snow is not always on cue.

"It's challenging little things - humidity and cold or hot day will change their flight patterns," Sedwick said.

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The globes also have helium inside so no worries if anything goes wrong. They land as gentle as a snowflake.

The snow globe atmosphere also has upgraded video projection. Before it was only a third of the theatre. Now, the entire ceiling all the way to the back row is covered for a blizzard effect in 8K screen resolution.

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