Artist dreams up 'A New Yorker's Guide to Chicago'

ByBlanca Rios via WLS logo
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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Illustrator @Frank_Okay dreamt up a map to help compare New York to Chicago and not everyone is okay with it.

CHICAGO -- One artist's take on a map of Chicago is causing quite the buzz on the internet.

Illustrator Frank Okay dreamt up the map entitled "A New Yorker's Guide to Chicago".

Frank Okay, as he goes by, is originally from the Chicagoland and is married to a New Yorker.

"My whole life I've just been obsessed with the way cities work and how people live," said Okay.

An illustrator for about 12 years, Okay says he draws mostly buildings and posters for bands.

"Over the past couple of years I found myself constantly walking around being like this reminds me of this area in Chicago, or this reminds of this analogous thing in Chicago," he said.

Okay says he knows drawing an absolute perfect comparison is impossible.

"There are no two cities that you can draw a one-to-one comparison because every city has a different history and culture," said Okay.

Several Chicagoans were quick to form their own opinion about the map.

Okay says he did it for fun but the response has been overwhelming.

"I understand people's frustration, your city is a really special thing," said Okay.

But for the time being he says he's going to let the internet do its thing.

"It will disappear into the noise eventually," said Okay.


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