Airline leaves passengers grounded

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A growing chorus of angry air travelers say they were stuck, stranded, and steaming after a bargain airline canceled a whole route from JFK to the Dominican Republic vacation hot spot, Punta Cana.

"I was fuming. I was so upset," said Carissa Romano, a traveler. Who could blame her? Back in February she booked her sister's bachelorette bash with online travel giant, Expedia.

She reserved round-trip airfare for 10 bridesmaids, totaling $3,000 bucks on bargain flyer, Dynamic Airways.

"I was in shock more than anything else," Romano said.

That's after she got a notice from Expedia, saying her flight had been "changed." Actually it was canceled when Dynamic Airways announced last month it punted their Punta Cana route. But the Hicksville resident says she had no luck getting a refund.

"This is not $300, it's $3,000, that's what I laid out for this party," Romano said. "Frustrated, annoyed of kids on vacation with family, as a mom I was worried, as a human being I was really mad."

The Magana family of Hartford, Connecticut also felt kicked to the curb by Dynamic. Last month they were stranded in the Dominican Republic with two young kids when the airline abruptly canceled their return flight.

The Magana's wound up paying out of pocket for an extra night in a hotel and airfare home on a different airline.

"How much extra was it for you to get home?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Close to $2,000 with the hotel, the new plane tickets, the taxi," said Caroline Magana, a stranded traveler.

That was a month ago, and there is still no refund from Dynamic.

"There's no one there from the airline, and when you got someone on the phone they didn't know anything," said Carlos, a stranded traveler.

We even heard from a third frustrated flyer, out thousands when her son's DR destination wedding was done in by Dynamic's cancellation.

But after 7 On Your Side contacted Dynamic and Expedia, a full refund arrived.

"I'm so excited, I finally got my refund back," Carlos said.

And Carissa finally was credited $3.000.

At least you're got the money to go somewhere, congrats.

Unfortunately the Magana family still hasn't received their refund. Expedia told us it's up to Dynamic to issue refunds. Why didn't Dynamic simply refund everyone affected? They never answered that question.

The big takeaway, next time you book consider travel insurance. But know some travel insurance covers this kind of cancellation, some don't. So the most important tip is to read your policy's fine print before you invest in it. null
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