Brooklyn businessman accused of bribing NYPD officials for handgun permits

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Jim Dolan reports from Lower Manhattan (Scott Roth/Invision/AP )

Shaya 'Alex' Lichtenstein left Federal court Monday after posting half a million dollars bond, and did not say a word about the bribery charges against half a million dollars bond, and did not say a word about the bribery charges against him.

Just a week ago, Lichtenstein was recorded by a hidden microphone, appearing to offer a police officer up to six thousand dollars for every gun carry permit the officer helped him obtain.

Lichtenstein represented several wealthy businessmen in an Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Lichtenstein is heard at one point saying, 'I'm not bribing you," and the police officer replies, "I'm not an (expletive), of course you're bribing me. Let's be frank and honest here." Lichtenstein did not respond to that.

Monday night at police headquarters, a small group of activists protested the growing NYPD corruption scandal that has ensnared people in the NYPD as high up as commander. Five commanders have already been transferred as a result of the investigation. On the tape, Lichtenstein bras about using his connections in the department to help get at least 150 handgun carry permits, and paying officers thousands of dollars for each permit.

One man who got a permit had been involved in four motor vehicle accidents with ten moving violations, an arrest for forgery and four domestic violence complaints, including one where he was accused of 'threatening to kill someone'.

Prosecutors could not say if any of the allegations resulted in charges being pressed. In fact, prosecutors could not show that any person helped by Lichtenstein had ever used a gun improperly or illegally, but nor is that what he's charged with - he is being charged with bribery.
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