Car slams into scaffolding, hair salon in the Bronx

MORRISANIA, Bronx (WABC) -- Police are investigating after a car slammed into scaffolding and then a business in the Bronx Tuesday morning.

The incident happened on East 169th Street in the Morrisania section around 7:30 a.m.

Authorities say the driver lost control and slammed into a hair salon, striking the storefront like a missile.

Amazingly, no one on the street was injured and the salon was closed, but the driver was being treated at the scene.

Still, it was a shockingly close call for one pedestrian, a man caught on surveillance video who clearly saw the car coming moments before it hurtled across the sidewalk.

Alice Weise-Goode owns the hair salon.

"It's horrifying, it's tragic, I'm just glad that no one got hurt," she said. "They said the driver will make it...People are out and about, people taking their children to school, getting ready for work. It's crazy. And she was driving very fast."

The driver's name could not immediately be confirmed, but she survived the crash. Authorities at the scene said she would be charged with DWI.

Henry Rosa said his minivan, which was parked on the street, was totaled.

"People's crazy," he said. "It's crazy."

A portion of scaffolding was damaged. Department of Buildings officials said it appears the structure is stable.
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