Texas dad says pre-K student molested his 4-year-old daughter

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Thursday, January 12, 2017
Baytown elementary incident
A dad is upset with the school's response after the incident involving his daughter.

BAYTOWN, TX -- Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District is investigating an alleged sexual incident of a 4-year-old girl by a fellow student in the school bathroom at De Zavala Elementary.

Sitting in his Baytown home, Rodney Lorfing tells a story every parent fears will happen to them.

He says he sensed something was wrong when his four-year-old daughter came home from pre-K at DeZavala Elementary in Baytown on December 14.

"We noticed that she had her pants on inside out and backwards and her shoes were on the wrong feet," said Lorfing.

He says he called her teacher but there was no immediate explanation.

Lorfing says his daughter then explained what had happened to her in the restroom that afternoon with a boy from her pre-K class.

"I said honey was he in the bathroom with you? And she said yes. And I said did he help you with your pants, did he take your pants off? And she said yes. I said did he touch you? She said yes," said Lorfing, "My heart just broke."

Lorfing says he's spoken with both Baytown and Goose Creek CISD police and CPS, but is frustrated that no letter went home to other families to tell them what happened.

The district released the following statement about the alleged assault:

"Goose Creek CISD can confirm that a classroom incident involving two 4-year-old, pre-kindergarten students is under investigation. Upon learning of the incident, which occurred just prior to the holiday break, the parents of both students were notified by the district, as were CPS and law enforcement. Those investigations are on-going.

Although federal and state law prohibits the district from sharing confidential information about student matters such as this, parents can be assured that swift and appropriate corrective actions have been taken. The district has also learned that the parent of one of the students has made public a heavily edited recording of his conversation with a district administrator. Contrary to such representations, Goose CISD and district personnel take seriously our commitment to ensuring that students have a safe and nurturing learning environment. As always, the district appreciates the support of our school community."

Lorfing say he posted his story to Facebook, a post that's gone viral, because he believes other parents have a right to know what he says is going on.

"For them to deny telling the parents is outrageous," said Lorfing.

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