Defendants in New Jersey Easter Bunny mall brawl head back to court

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey (WABC) -- Two men charged in an Easter Bunny brawl at a New Jersey mall are due back in court Wednesday.

It happened Easter Sunday at the Newport Mall in Jersey City.

22-year-old Kassim Charles, who was dressed as the Easter Bunny, and 44-year-old Juan Jiminez-Guerrero are both charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

Guerrero is accused of attacking Charles after his child fell off the bunny's lap.

The incident happened as customers were waiting to get their pictures taken with the Easter icon.

*WARNING: Video contains strong language*

Charles was at the center of the melee and could be seen throwing punches outside the seasonal display before mall security jumped in to get the situation under control. Charles claimed Jimenez-Guerrero instigated the fight, which the family contends is a lie.

"The guy just started hitting him with my daughter on him," the girl's mother, Nathalie Moreira, said. "The mad Easter Bunny of Jersey City."

Moreira said Charles dropped her daughter, 14-month-old Jaelynn, face first on the floor.
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