Man hit on the head with hammer during Greenwich Village robbery speaks out

GREENWICH VILLAGE, Manhattan (WABC) -- A man was hit with a hammer during a robbery in Greenwich Village.

The suspect came up behind the victim at about 11:40 Monday at West 3rd Street and MacDougal Street.

It was cold last night, and the normally crowded streets of the village were almost empty.

But Joseph didn't even notice, until a man jumped from the shadows and attacked him with a hammer.

"He was super aggressive and he had a mask. He was like hitting at me and jumping at me so I could not go anywhere and was like, 'Give me your money, give me your money,'" Joseph said.

Joseph, he did not want his name used or his face shown was terrified, and bleeding from his injuries.

He didn't have any money so his attacker became enraged.

"He really looked like he was crazy and didn't realize that he could kill someone, I was thinking, 'This guy wants to kill me for nothing,'" Joseph said.

Joseph was hit at least three times with the hammer and sprayed with pepper spray as well.

The attack didn't end there.

"I realized he will not stop, so I started to fight back, but I was already hit two or three times in the face with the hammer and I was bleeding everywhere, and the pepper spray in my face it was burning, I think I gave him like my last resistance and I started to hit him," Joseph said.

The attacker ran away when Joseph, frightened for his life, started to fight back. He even threw euros at the attacker as he fought back.

That stopped the assault, but the man who attacked him with a hammer and mace is still out there.

So far there are no arrests.

Police describe the suspect as an approximately 35-year-old man, 5'9" tall, wearing a black jacket, dark ski mask and dark jeans. null
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