Exclusive: Weapons cache found in Brooklyn woman's apartment

BATH BEACH, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A woman is facing felony charges, accused of stockpiling weapons in Brooklyn.

In the pictures, obtained exclusively by Eyewitness News, you can see enough hardware to start a small war.

There were dozens of weapons, including a grenade launcher along with live grenades, assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

All in this unassuming brownstone on a quiet block of Bath Beach where neighbors saw the police activity Wednesday morning, but never imagined this.

"Someone said, 'Lock your windows, there's been a robbery!'" a neighbor said.

This was no robbery, but an investigation that started with a discovery by Homeland Security of a shipment fake NYPD IDs.

The police department Impersonation Division linked those IDs to a man named James Lee who recently died.

He lived in an apartment at this address. Police believe he is the one who amassed these weapons, and his wife, 53-year-old Helen Chin, was allegedly planning to sell them to get rid of them.

The complete list of recovered items includes:

- 6 AR-15 assault rifles
- 5 7.62 caliber rifles
- 2 380's caliber rifles
- 3 12 gauge shotguns
- 1 1.06 caliber rifle
- 2 25 caliber hand guns
- 3 22 caliber handguns
- 1 380 caliber handgun
- 2 flair guns
- 1 grenade launcher
- 100 High capacity magazines
- 2 drum magazines
- Approximately 10,000 rounds of ammunition

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