Former NYPD psychologist sentenced to prison in shooting of husband

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Marcus Solis reports on the sentencing of former NYPD psychologist who shot her husband.

A former New York Police Department psychologist who told detectives she was knocked unconscious by an intruder on the night her husband was shot has been sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison.

Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino Jr. says Emily Dearden of Yonkers previously pleaded guilty to attempted assault and Thursday she began serving prison time for shooting her husband in the head while he slept.

In November 2013 Kenneth Dearden says he woke up with severe pain in his jaw, and found his wife lying on the floor of their home in Yonkers.

Emily Dearden told police someone had broken in. In the hospital, doctors discovered a bullet lodged in Kenneth's cheek.

An ambulance took him to the hospital. It turned out he had been shot while the couple's children were sleeping nearby.

He spent about eight days in the hospital, including surgery to remove a bullet from his jaw.

After the sentencing Kenneth Dearden said he was satisfied, but there were no happy moments in this family saga.

"I feel justice was served, but my kids still suffer," he said.

"She's going to do her time and she's going to come out and resume her life aftewards, hopefully in a very fruitful way," said defense attorney Paul Bergman.

In court Kenneth Dearden cited a lack of remorse. He has claimed the shooting was motivated by an affair his wife was having.

The judge in the case called the crime repugnant, pointing out Dearden lost her career, her reputation, and hurt her family.

"You cemented for all time your legacy, a legacy that sadly you left to your children, your two daughters. A legacy that their mother shot their father in the head while he slept," said Westchester Supreme Court Judge Barry Warhit.

"Like the judge said, she's lost much more than the three and a half years of freedom so I'm happy with the outcome," said Kenneth Dearden.

He is suing his wife for damages, a civil case that will move forward now that the criminal case is complete.

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