Jersey City announces 4th of July fireworks show

JERSEY CITY (WABC) -- Many New Jersey residents who live along the Hudson River were disappointed when the announcement was made to move the annual Macy's Fourth of July fireworks show to the East River.

Now, Jersey City plans to fill the gap with its own show in Liberty State Park, with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is even trying to get the fireworks display broadcast on television at the same time as the Macy's show.

Fulop released an email in which he said he expects more than 100,000 people to attend.

"I'd like you to start dusting off your BBQ, get your chairs and blankets ready and invite your friends and family to Jersey City to celebrate the 4th of July in one of our nation's most culturally and ethnically diverse communities," the email read.

Fulop wrote that Jersey City will host the Freedom and Fireworks Festival, a free concert followed by a large fireworks display in honor of the holiday. The festival will also feature a Taste of Jersey City, with great food offered by local establishments, children rides and local musicians.

Jersey City jumped at the idea of resuming its fireworks show after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed to have Macy's move its display so Brooklyn and Queens residents can have better views.

That change cut Jersey City, the West Side of Manhattan and most of the Jersey side of the Hudson out of seeing the Macy's show.

"This will be a far larger show than what we used to do. It's got corporate sponsors of significant size," said Fulop.

Jersey City, which offers a spectacular view of the Hudson River, Lower Manhattan, Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty, cancelled its fireworks back in 2008 due to budget cuts.

Now sponsors have stepped in, allowing Jersey City to have a patriotic party on Independence Day.

"If they were still doing it in the Hudson River we probably couldn't have done it because it's difficult with permits and it's difficult to compete with that show from a timing standpoint," said Fulop.

The Jersey City fireworks will be launched from an area already fenced in, and will feature a concert on the 4th of July.

So on the night when America celebrates its independence, there will be a battle in the skies between two Hudson River rivals. But the winner will be all the spectators who should see dazzling lights at dizzying heights, no matter which shore you call home.

"I don't think it's going to be a competition, but we will have the largest fireworks show in the state of New Jersey, and we will have about 100,000 plus people to come to Liberty State Park," Fulop said.
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