Laser attack targets NewsCopter 7, arrest made in New Jersey

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NewsCopter 7 was hit by a laser over Prospect Heights.

A laser attack targeted the WABC helicopter Wednesday night that led to an arrest in New Jersey.

NewsCopter 7 was over Elizabeth around 5:20 p.m. when a laser was pointed at the pilot and reporter Shannon Sohn.

The crew alerted police.

NewsCopter 7 stayed over the scene to assist the police in tracking down the culprit. A short time later, police made an arrest.

Also on Wednesday, an NBC news helicopter helped police track down and arrest a suspect who allegedly pointed a laser at the chopper while it was flying over Prospect Heights around 6 p.m. Police and the FAA were contacted and guided to the location.

A chopper reporter used a camera to zoom in on the suspects, who were seen standing behind a building and laughing.

An NYPD helicopter at the scene was also struck by the laser. Two people were taken into custody and one of them was arrested.
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