Man found dead on F train in Brooklyn was apparently subway surfing

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN (WABC) -- Police are investigating a bizarre death on the subway in Brooklyn in which a body was found between two F train cars is being investigated as a case of subway surfing.

Similar incidents have happened over the years, but for some, the lesson gets learned the hard way.

Authorities say it was about 2:30 a.m. Friday when the 24-year-old man was found with head trauma in between cars at the Jay Street station near Willoughby Street in Downtown Brooklyn. They say it appears the young man was holding on to the outside of the subway car, on the side or even the top of the train, as it made its way between stops.

In 2011, a passenger recorded a man surfing the side of a Brooklyn-bound J train around 2 a.m. The daredevil hung on for two stops before making a quick getaway when passengers alerted the conductor. And in 2007, a man was killed when he fell off a southbound C train between 145th and 155th streets. Authorities said the man had wedged himself in front of a pair of closed doors and then struck a handrail in the tunnel, suffering massive head injuries.

Authorities believe the latest victim may have been on top of the subway car and hit the roof of the tunnel before falling down in between the train cars. Police did find blood on the roof of one of those cars.

The man was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

MTA officials said they have released public service announcements in the past, stressing just how dangerous subway surfing can be.

Police are continuing the investigation into the incident.

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