NYPD officer suspended after man escapes at East Harlem Duane Reade

EAST HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- An NYPD officer has been suspended after a shoplifting suspect escaped custody in East Harlem Saturday.

Xavier Rivers, 21, was rearrested at the Taft Houses, where he lives, Monday afternoon, according to the New York City Police Department.

Charges against Rivers was pending.

Rivers escaped from a 14-year officer, assigned to the 23rd Precinct. He was suspended, but the officer's partner was not disciplined.

Rivers was detained after a Duane Reade manager called police, and identified him as a known shoplifter. The officers handcuffed him and placed him in a police cruiser. But Rivers allegedly opened the cruiser door and ran away, outrunning the two officers.

He was the first person to escape from the NYPD this year. null
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